Director: Admir Glamočak
Assistant director: Amra Mehić
Cast: Amila Terzimehić/Nancy Abdel Sakhi, Enes Salković, Emir Fejzić, Adnan Goro, Davor Sabo, Damir Kustura, Mirza Dervišić/Sanjin Arnautović
Scenography and costume : Lejla Hodžić

A show that uses a profound sense of humor to tell us a story about unemployment with younger people and the existential questions of a modern man. This show confronts you with the truth that we are people that lack motivation to change something in our lives, it gives us hope even if have lost it.

Five young guys, in financial trouble and no job, find them self-applying for a job of a striper in a night club. Their quest and situations that they come upon on makes this show a funny, exciting, adventure about finding themselves and learning about friendships and what it means to fight for your existence.

This show deals with the problem of unemployment between young people not only in BiH, but also in the region. It also deals with the problem “to stay or go” and how staying requires us to confront the truth and that its time to take things into our own hands.

Through this project ALTTEATAR was in partnership with “Kroz prozor Fabrika” Beograd and the Academy of performing arts, Sarajevo.

It premiered March the 6th 2015 in Amphitheatre of the Youth Center Sarajevo.

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