Clown science

How can we tell a story for children about our environment?

We thought about this question and what would be our answer for a very long time. Like very very long time. And it came to us like we were professor Baltazar, we will invite Klevberlija and Klema, two wonderful clowns, they are really experienced clowns. You should really meet them.

Do you know what it means to be a clown? Its not one of those boring classes you have in school, homework’s. it a completely new, interesting science that will make you smile, and you will learn and play. In fact, that is a science that’s filled with imagination, where everything is possible, and there are no rules. There are no rules like to keep silence, or bad grades. There is only laughter and games, because we believe that that is the best way to learn. And you were lucky, because our two best clowns were available to come and teach you a lot of fun things. Klevberlija and Klema are ready for you to come and join them. They also really like if you laugh a lot at their clumsiness. I heard there are also presents. Hmmm who will bring them?

Enjoy and tell your friends later how you meet two marvelous clowns.

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