New Year’s Circus

The New Year time is the time with a lot of joy, happiness and the time of giving. The biggest fans of New Year holidays are children, who await it with no patience and dream about the gifts their going to get. When you put theatre and a story for children plus gifts you get an unforgettable experience, and this year Altteatar prepared a real treat.

With a ten year experience in producing new year children shows, and clients to back us up (Asa group, Bosnalijek, Fabrika duhana Sarajevo, Unicredit Bank, Procredit bank, Vb keasing, Euroherc i dr.). We offer the show to you and your employees, that we perform only in your premises, and the name of the show is “A new year’s circus “.

Two clowns Toto and Tati which are played by two young professional actors, Staša Dukić and Sanjin Arnautović, await the arrival of Santa Claus. In a joyful and playful story of their wait, two clowns, experts for mischiefs, prepare some circus attractions to win the love of the audience, and impress Santa Claus.
The show is also for toddlers 2-6 years old and Toto and Tati ask children to join them in their games like singing, dancing, drawing and then the children decide who was better and welcome Santa Claus. In the end they will realize that friendship is the best gift and that Santa Claus would be proud, so they ask the children to help them call out for Santa Claus. When he comes, he awards everybody with presents.

The show lasts 30 min with great costumes, snow effects and smoke machine.